ReflectaPave™ provides a range of products suited to situations that require long lasting slip and skid resistant line markings.

Our products are flexible cement based surface coating blended with proprietary polymer modifiers to enhance flexibility and adhesion to the substrate, that can be used on horizontal and vertical applications.

Some of our product range also incorporate glass beads providing retroreflectivity to increase visibility.

ReflectaPave™ Benefits:

  • check-icon Exclusive technology
  • check-icon Highly reflective
  • check-icon Extremely durable
  • check-icon Easy to maintain
  • check-icon Vertical & horizontal applications
  • check-icon Range of colours available
  • check-icon High flexural strength
  • check-icon High skid & slip resistance


The rightproductfor your needs

Each of our products are designed for different scenarios and can be modified to the needs of the specific application.

ReflectaPave Plus

Our flagship product for line and sign marking when both slip and resistant resistance as well as high visibility in low light conditions is a must.

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ReflectaPave Airport Grade

All the benefits of our flagship ReflectaPaveTM product but with an extra treatment to enhance the retroreflectivity of the glass beads, increasing visibility at long distances.

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ReflectaPave Streetscape

Ideal for pedestrian areas, cycleways, station platforms and hard surface sporting areas, Streetscape provides high slip and skid resistance.

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